Week Eight: Experts

  • The Scope of Expert Evidence – excerpts from Expert Evidence in British Columbia Proceedings, 3rd ed. Continuing Legal Education Society of BC, 2011.
  • Strategic use of experts – which experts and why?
  • Rule 11 of the Civil Rules of Court – case planning and applications for experts; timing of expert reports; disclosure obligations; notice of objections; expert evidence at trial
  • Admissibility of expert reports – Kazimirski M, The legal and ethical obligations of experts, TLABC December 2010 Conference on Chronic Pain.
  • Cross examination of experts: attacking qualifications, bias, factual assumptions, and the expert’s theory/opinion – Fabretti v. Singh excerpt from trial and miscellaneous case examples.

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Week 8 – Power Point Lecture Notes

See papers:

Admissibility of expert reports and objections to expert reports – Kazimirski M, The Legal and Ethical Obligations of Experts, TLABC December 2010 Conference on Chronic Pain.

Independent medical examinations and expert witnesses: The Medical Expert Witness: A Practical Guide for Doctors (Michael J. Slater, QC).