Debra Peters

Case Manager

Debra has worked with Marc Kazimirski for over 10 years as a Case Manager with the focus on brain injury and catastrophic cases.

Debra initially began her career with ICBC in 1979 where she worked as an Injury adjuster, litigation adjuster, examiner and finally a Claims Manager. She taught in-house classes for ICBC regarding claims procedures and Part 7 benefits. As such, Debra has extensive knowledge of ICBC’s claims processes.

After 22 years with ICBC, Debra changed teams and began working for injured individuals. She is the Case Manager for Kazlaw and continues to focus on the most significant injury cases within the firm.

Outside of work Debra enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling, gourmet cooking and plays classical piano.

Speak with Debra:

Office: 604.681.9344