Medical Treatment

3. Seeking Medical Treatment

Always seek medical treatment or an examination following a collision or crash. While broken bones, cuts, lacerations, and other severe physical injuries are clear to see right away and require immediate attention, there may be other serious conditions caused by your accident that are not readily evident at first.

Symptoms or problems from injuries such as concussions, torn ligaments, damage to internal organs, or other soft tissue injuries may not appear for some time after the accident. Hidden injuries – both physical and psychological – could result in long-term health problems down the road if not addressed and treated properly. That’s why it’s vital to get an early assessment from your doctor or other medical professional so they can document and monitor your condition.

KazLaw can help you contact and connect with medical professionals and specialists in your part of the province, including setting up consultations and appointments. While most treatments are covered by your provincial health plan or other insurance plans, KazLaw can help you understand health and medical insurance matters, as well as pursuing treatment payments from ICBC (known commonly as Part 7 Benefits).

We can also provide you with tips on the types of questions to ask your doctor as well advice on how to document and record information on your medical treatment.

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