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We never settle for second best.

At KazLaw, our ICBC lawyers experience, resources and expertise have resulted in the settlement of thousands of cases, including many multi-million dollar cases.

While most of our ICBC settlement cases never go to trial, KazLaw has obtained some of the highest personal injury trial awards in British Columbia.

Our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in the British Columbia Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, conducting both jury and judge alone trials. Here you can find some personal examples of the KazLaw Trial Awards.

Dominic Rockall v. Alberni Construction Ltd. and Stephens:

The defendant struck Mr. Rockall on the shoulder of Highway 4 after he had fallen from his bike. The defendant denied striking Mr. Rockall, ICBC offered $0 and denied all liability. The learned trial judge decided in favour of Mr. Rockall due to the severity of his injuries, found the defendant 100% liable, and awarded $260,000. …learn more

Shongu v. Jing:

ICBC denied that Shongu suffered any significant injuries despite the fact that he required extensive treatment and physicians confirmed his chronic pain and psychological injury. Justice Sewall agreed with Mr. Shongu on every issue and awarded $1,080,000.00 in damages. The Judgement is one of the highest awards in the British Columbia for a chronic pain/ psychological injury case …learn more

Lloyd Agar v. Morgan:

The learned trial judge rejected ICBC’s submissions and the learned trial judge awarded $323,922 …learn more

McCrory v. Tozer:

Ms. McCrory was involved in two motor vehicles accidents that caused chronic neck pain that limited her ability to do her job…the Jury awarded Ms. McCrory $375,000. …learn more

Jocelyn Fabretti v. Singh:

ICBC denied that Jocelyn Fabretti suffered debilitating physical and psychological injuries in a catastrophic accident (despite the fact that two people died in the accident) and they offered $300,000 on the eve of trial. The Jury awarded $1,500,000 – one of the largest verdicts for soft tissue injuries in British Columbia …learn more

Lampkin v. Walls:

Mr. Lampkin was involved in a motor vehicle accident that caused chronic neck and back pain that limited his ability to do physical work. ICBC defended the case and attacked Mr. Lampkin’s credibility; however the learned trial judge found for Mr. Lampkin on every issue and awarded $306,844 plus pre-judgment interest and costs – nearly 5 times the amount offered by ICBC! …learn more

George Pololos v. Cinnamon-Lopez:

Mr. Pololos was involved in a serious rear end collision. KazLaw took over Mr. Pololos’ claim from another law firm that recommended a settlement with ICBC for less than $100,000. At trial, the learned judge awarded $798,303 …learn more

Mitchell Fabretti v. Gill:

ICBC denied that Mitchell Fabretti (an infant) suffered significant injuries and only offered $60,000 on the eve of trial. The learned trial judge decided in favour of Mitchell and awarded $517,000 …learn more

Dhanji v. Holland:

Ms. Dhanji was struck as a pedestrian in a crosswalk by a large SUV, which then fled the scene, leaving her with numerous injuries. ICBC initially denied liability for the accident and offered Ms. Dhanji $75,000 shortly before trial. At trial, she was awarded $199,862.87 …learn more

Dennis Rizzolo v. Brett:

ICBC argued that Dennis Rizzolo was “at fault” for the accident (despite the fact that the defendant was ticketed) and offered $0 before trial. The learned trial judge decided in favour of Dennis and awarded $562,103 …learn more

Tracy Foster v. Kindlan and Pineau:

ICBC denied that Tracy Foster was injured because there was “minimal damage” to her vehicle and they offered $0 before trial. The learned trial judge rejected ICBC’s policy and awarded $302,000 …learn more

James Saunders v. McTavish:

CBC denied that James Saunders suffered chronic pain because he was able to return to work and they offered $25,000 in the month before trial. The jury awarded James $335,000 …learn more

MacGillivray v. Holthe et al:

ICBC denied that Ms. MacGillivray suffered significant injuries and made a formal offer of $650,000. The Jury awarded Ms. MacGillivray 1.4 Million plus tax gross up and management fees. …learn more

Da Silva v. Pollard 2019 BCSC:

The court awarded $387,340 plus costs and disbursements which is double what ICBC was initially offering. …learn more

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