Psychological injuries

After a traumatic event such as a car accident, it is easy for insurance companies to overlook psychological injuries and only focus on the physical. You may become depressed or simply lose enjoyment in activities you were once able to do before the accident. Even minor accidents can result in driving phobia and other debilitating injuries such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, loss of life enjoyment, etc. The claims process can be overwhelming, especially when coupled with the stress of the accident itself.

At KazLaw, we understand that every case is different and therefore, we apply an individualized approach to every case. The emotional scars caused by an accident can often be more incapacitating compared to physical injuries. We’ll reduce the stress of the claims process and ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries, so you can focus on getting better. You can learn more about Kazlaw by viewing our homepage.

I’ve suffered psychological issues related to an accident. What do I do?


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If you have been injured, we are here to help you. We are committed to helping injured people obtain full compensation and ensure your rights are protected.

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KazLaw and Cycling

Outside of law, Marc Kazimirski, the founding partner of Kazlaw, is an avid cyclist and was on the Canadian National Cycling Team. We have the experience necessary to protect your rights and successfully resolve your case.