Dhanji v. Holland, 2015 Vancouver Registry.

Ms. Dhanji was struck as a pedestrian in a crosswalk by large SUV. After the collision, the driver of the SUV fled the scene of the accident. Ms. Dhanji suffered numerous injuries, most significantly injuries to her arm, hip and back. Despite considerable efforts to rehabilitate her injuries, Ms. Dhanji continued to experience chronic pain in her back years after the accident. Her ongoing injuries and associated physical limitations caused Ms. Dhanji to develop symptoms of depression. She struggled to perform in her job as a DNA analyst.

ICBC initially denied liability for the accident. ICBC refused also to accept that Ms. Dhanji’s injuries would interfere with her work, despite the fact that Ms. Dhanji had worked significantly fewer overtime hours since the Accident. ICBC also refused to accept that Ms. Dhanji’s injuries would require further treatment.

ICBC offered Ms. Dhanji $75,000 shortly before trial. At trial, Ms. Dhanji was awarded total damages of $199,862.87, including $90,000 for her loss of future earning capacity and $25,625 for her cost of future care.

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