Saunders v. McTavish, 2010 New Westminster Registry.

Mr. Saunders, was 30 years old and worked long hours as a brake press operator and foreman when the defendant collided with his motorcycle while boarding the Albion Ferry.

Mr. Saunder’s suffered injuries to his neck and upper back that caused chronic pain, headaches, and mood disturbance. ICBC conducted a rigorous investigation and denied the claim because Mr. Saunders was able to do work around the house 6 weeks after the accident.

ICBC focused on the fact that Mr. Saunder’s was big, strong, and worked in a physically demanding job and they ignored the medical evidence that Mr. Saunder’s was struggling with his injuries and had started consuming alcohol to cope with his injuries.

ICBC offered $25,000 shortly before trial. The Jury awarded $335,000 for Mr. Saunder’s injuries and this included $35,000 for future cost of care so Mr. Saunder’s could obtain the treatment needed.

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