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Community causes are near to our hearts at KazLaw, as are organizations that help raise awareness about healthy living and injury prevention. Our newest lawyer on the KazLaw team, Dianna Roberston, recently participated in Spinal Cord Injury BC’s annual Scotiabank Charity Challenge.

Dianna, a board member for Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCIBC), was accompanied by husband Dean (and their dog Molly!), and was pleased to be able to raise $1,450 in donation funds to contribute.

Scotiabank Charity Challenge

The Scotiabank Charity Challenge is a half marathon/5 K race that gives runners and walkers an opportunity to fundraise for the charity of their choosing from a list of official charitable partners. As well as funds raised for the charities themselves, cash prizes are also awarded to the winning charities in several categories—for example, “charity with the largest total dollars raised”, “charity with the largest number of runners”, and more.

Team SCIBC: The Walk ‘n’ Rollers

This year, the Scotiabank Charity Challenge team for SCIBC (aptly called the Walk ‘n’ Rollers) collectively exceeded their target goal for funds, raising over $50,000 to help people with spinal cord injuries adjust, adapt, and thrive. The Walk ‘n’ Rollers had a turnout of over 60 team members, a record for SCIBC and the largest fundraising team present on race day. Some team members came to participate after just being released from the hospital. Several had struggled through sickness in order to be there, and many were there to support the team and show their dedication, even though they weren’t able to participate. It was an incredible and supportive turnout from a community of people who are passionate about helping those with spinal injuries.

Facts About Spinal Injury
(Source: Rick Hansen Insititute)

  • Over 12,000 people in British Columbia are affected with spinal cord injuries that affect every aspect of their lives.
  • Approximately 500 new SCI cases occur every year in British Columbia.
  • The estimated lifetime cost of living with an SCI in BC is $1.6 – 3 million.
  • The annual increase in economic burden of SCI in British Columbia is $1.1 billion.
  • The leading cause of injury is motor vehicle accidents (35%), followed by falls (17%).
  • Almost half of new traumatic injuries occur in people 15 to 39 (mainly male) as a result of motor vehicle accidents, sporting accidents, and other external causes.
  • The incidence and prevalence of non-traumatic SCI is on the rise. Approximately 50 per cent of new cases of SCI result from non-traumatic injuries caused by infection or disease (including cancer) rather than traumatic causes.

How SCIBC Helps

Spinal Cord Injury BC offers vast resources, including a Resource Centre with information about accessible housing, funding opportunities, adaptive equipment, and accessible travel opportunities. SCIBC also offers a robust peer support program, which provides many critical social supports, including:

  • Hosting more than 300 Peer events throughout British Columbia each year, ranging from laid-back BBQs to more adventurous sports like adaptive kayaking, trail riding, paragliding, and bungee jumping
  • Hosting coffee groups on a weekly or monthly basis in 11 communities throughout British Columbia
  • Offering Peer Matches and Peer Mentors to connect people with one-on-one with someone who has faced similar challenges as a result of injury or disability

We’re proud to support such a wonderful resource to the community, and happy to welcome on board our newest KazLaw team member.

If you have been affected by a personal injury such as a spinal cord injury, or know someone that has, we are here to help in any way that we can. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with a member of our team.